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Hifiman Ananda Over-Ear Headphones

by Hifiman
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Original price €760.00
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HiFi Man's Ananda Planar Magnetic Headphones feature high sensitivity and low distortion, ideal for use with almost any smartphone or portable audio device.

HiFi Man's Ananda Planar Magnetic Headphones feature high sensitivity and low distortion, ideal for use with almost any smartphone or portable audio device.

The perfect headphones for at home and on the move

If you’re looking for a superior sounding pair of headphones that work just as well with your smartphone as your hi-fi at home, you need look no further. The HIFIMAN ANANDA headphones are sensitive enough to be driven by the typically lower output of a smartphone, tablet or laptop. For added convenience, they also come with cables to suit. Use the, shorter, 1.5m cable with 3.5mm plug on the move and the longer, 3m cable with 6.35mm plug when at home.

Planar magnetic headphones for low distortion

Although more expensive to make, planar magnetic headphones offer a number of advantages over conventional dynamic ones. These include lighter diaphragms for a faster response and a linear spread of sound across the speaker, reducing the level of distortion.

Super-thin diaphragms for enhanced detail and speed

Featuring supernano diaphragms that are 80% thinner than previous designs, the ANANDA’s benefit acoustically. Thinner diaphragms are lighter, meaning music is faster to respond and react to differences in tempo. Lighter weight also makes for superior high-end detail and a more nuanced sound. In short, the sound is more lifelike than ever.

Designed for clearer sound

Eye-catching ‘window shade grilles’ give these headphones aesthetic appeal. More than that, though, the grilles perform a practical purpose in greatly reducing sonic reflections. Reduced reflection means a less muddled sound and greater clarity.

Shaped to fit

Stylish, asymmetrical earcups not only look distinctive, but also follow the shape of your ears for a perfect fit. Large earcups envelope your ears for immersive comfort. The wide headband evenly distributes weight over your head, making these headphones supremely comfortable to wear for hours on end.

Enjoy the clarity that planar magnetic headphones bring, wherever you are, with the HIFIMAN ANANDA.

  • Freq Response: 8Hz – 55k Hz
  • Sensitivity: 103dB
  • Impedance: 25 ohm
  • Weight: 14.07 Oz (399g)
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