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Atacama Atabites SMD-Z 7.0HD Inert Filler - (Tub)

by Atacama
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In order to get the best possible sound from your speaker stands, it is recommended that the main columns are filled with a high density inert filler .This will reduce ringing and give a sonically dead platform from which to position bookshelf style speakers.

By adjusting the amount of filler used, you can experiment to find the optimum amount of filler to suit your speakers. Featuring new zinc coated micro-discs, the inert filler gives increased density to volume over the old Atabite inert filler and has a uniformed particulate size giving consistent sonic performance. The Zinc coating reduces any oxidisation and degradation and enhances the visual aesthetics.

PLEASE NOTE - Atabites are supplied by weight, not volume. (7.0 KG tubs). Some settling of contents may occur in transit.

Here is the maximum approximate weight of Atabites that can be used in each pair of speaker stands -

Moseco 6 Duo 6 = 10.4Kg

Moseco 7 Duo 7=12.2Kg

Moseco 10 = 21Kg

Duo 10=N/A

Nexus 6i = 8.2Kg

Nexus 7i = 12.2Kg

Nexus10i = 21Kg

SL200 = 7.2Kg

SL300 = 15.2Kg

SL400 = 24Kg

SL500 = 32.8Kg

SL600 = 41.6Kg

SL700 = 48.8Kg

SL1000 = 68Kg

HMS1.1 500mm = 34Kg

HMS1.1 600mm = 41.8KGg

HMS1.1 700mm = 55.4Kg

HMS2.1 = 84Kg

Sonic results will depend on speaker stand positioning, type of speaker, room size, type of electronics and cabling, listening position and personal taste.

However, as a general rule filling the stands approximately two thirds full generally gives the best results.

* Not suitable for Aurora 6 Speaker stands.

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